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ePaper Development Kit

This demo kit is marketed to engineers providing both a  turnkey and proof of concept solution. This kit provides the following:


  • Low power Pervasive Displays  ePaper display
  • Low Energy Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity
  • USB Host and device modes
  • Lithium Ion Battery management that include charge and gas gauge
  • Low Power Clock calendar
  • Three button User Interface
  • Off the shelf IP54 enclosure
  • Low Power long battery life

Mikroelektronika interface

coming soon.


MikroElektronika interface board easily creates a wireless sensor network by adding Click boards from Mikroelectrktronika.  Mikroelektronika has a wide portfolio of sensor nodes ready to be incorparted into a low power wireless application.  Following the mikro BUS standard a custom sensor prototype node can be designed quickly with very low risk.


Available demo code

  • low power RFID click board 
  • Heart rate click board
  • Thunder click board
  • IR thermometer click board
  • GPS click board
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