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Provide engineering solutions with firmware and hardware for product development.

Skills & Abilities


I am very knowledgeable using Altium schematic capture and layout, Linear Tech spice simulation, Altera Quartus tools, Verilog, Modelsim, Microchip MPLAB X, C ,RTOS, Subversion document control.




Engineer, Physimetrics

  • Developing a high dynamic range video     recorder that will power up run within 2 milliseconds. The recorder has a sram pre-event buffer that down loads to flash on the occurrence of a trigger event. The recorder has USB interface to transfer camera images. The recorder has low   power sleep mode for effective battery operation.
  • Developed a 22 foot high power IR led linear     array for night time line scans of large objects. Each one foot section requires 100 watts of power. The led constant current  supply follows the reference design with 94% efficiency.
  • Developed an adaptive embedded camera     algorithm to trigger the line scan cameras and led ir illumination.
  • Matrox design assistant algorithms for machine vision. Standalone smart camera to verify correct label placement on hard drives. Egg yolk detection for a company that separates yolks and whites from eggs.   

Engineer, Meggitt (Aerotek Contractor)

2011 - 2012   

  • System level hardware development for live     fire combat training. Provided a  Bluetooth radio solution to connect the student to the course audio. In addition added a key fob control for     the coach to monitor the student’s verbal response.
  • Responsible for designing the computer/video     infrastructure for a 3 floor 60 lane indoor firing training facility.   System includes screen winch control, high definition video, fiber optic connections, ups power, audio and camera     connectivity. Hardware budget over $1,000,000

Hardware Engineer, Lasercraft

  • Lead design engineer for the PROLASER 4     LIDAR product Responsible for laser transmitter and receiver selection, modular hardware design and Verilog coding for measuring the time of flight for determining distance measurement. The design incorporates low power operation allowing for hand held battery use. The design also has host and device USB  connectivity. The design is scalable with an option board for wireless communication, GPS and accelerometers for     inclination measurement
  • Solve an issue to indirectly connect to the road side traffic cabinets for a non-intrusive, easy magnetic coupled connection for traffic light phase detection
  • Successful compliance testing.

Firmware Engineer, IMPEVA Labs


  • Developed low level firmware drivers for     memory, GPS, GSM radio, and satellite IRIDIUM radio.
  • Production scripts using PERL

Firmware Engineer, Gainco

  • Embedded system design using the Rabbit 3000
    microprocessor.   Successfully developed Dynamic C and MicroC/OS-II RTOS for field deployments. The most difficult application had to multitask a dual weighing conveyor gating product line that had to keep 6 offshoot lines continuously filled. This system was center to the whole plant and passed product at a rate of $500 per minute. It was very  important to minimize downtime.
  • Algorithm development for the check weigh,     dual hopper feeder and overhead product line. The pneumatics, motor drive clutches and load cells were controlled from a multithreaded algorithm.

Firmware Hardware Engineer, Consulting

  • Consulting for Altea Therapeutics. Designed a low power circuit for the prototype hand held glucose monitor
  • Consulting for Protech. Designed a timer based controller to raise and lower a drive up menu ordering screen
  • Consulting for ProGramms. Swimming pool race timer.

Hardware Engineer, Arris

1996 -2003   

  • Designed and supervised the integration test     lab. Designs test algorithms to support regression testing, field issue duplication, and overall product
    robustness testing
  • Lead hardware design engineer for a joint ISDN effort with a German company LCON. Successfully launched product in the Philippines. Received star award for improving factory yield from 15 percent to 87 percent.  Also received star award for recovering a slipped schedule by working late and weekends.
  • Lead design engineer for the 24 line voice     product. Coordinated and influenced all design efforts including, RF, power supply, mother board, mechanical and line card modules.
  • Passed emi and conducted compliance testing

Engineer, Triad

 1991 -1995   
  • Built and installed fume hood air controllers. Familiar with pid loop control, hot wire anemometer sensors, loop powered humidity and temperature sensors.

Process Engineer, Hitachi

1987 -1991   

  • Successfully tooled the factory for 24 by 30     inch multiwire circuit board with 100% yield.


Co-op Student, Georgia Tech


1981 -1986

  • Drafting, electronic pcb soldering and
        trouble shooting.




Georgia Tech,   Electrical


Georgia Tech,   Computer Science     (candidate)




I am able to see the overall picture and discuss design direction with peers and supervisors.    I convey the project status (good and bad) so that the team is aware of the day to day progress.



I led the PROLASER 4 to a successful launch. I mentored a coworker to successfully layout a four lay pcbs. I have also been in charge of co-op students and keeping them engaged with their   projects.








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